Our Process

Our Process

Please allow 2-3.30 hours for your appointment. Shaping will take about 30 minutes, and the actual procedure will take between 2-3 hours.  

Absolutely no one is allowed in the treatment room when the procedure begins. Please plan accordingly.


We go over all procedures to assess which one is best for you depending on your natural growth pattern and skin type. I measure and mark your face by using several different measuring tools to help achieve the best proportions and symmetry for your bone structure. With makeup, I draw in a general shape in accordance with the markings we have made. We may adjust the shape and thickness as many times as you’d like until we achieve the desired look.


Once shape is approved, the procedure will begin. Numbing will be given to help ease any discomfort.

Please Note…

Results are extremely dependent on how one heals and will vary with each individual client. Successful results are not guaranteed and additional sessions, at a minimum charge, may be required to obtain desired outcomes. Although premium products are used, every client heals differently, and many factors can lead to varied results. There are no guarantees of perfect proportions or symmetry as some bone structures and muscle movements do not call for it.

Please read through entire FAQ section carefully to see if this procedure will be beneficial to you.

All services provided are non-refundable/non-transferrable.

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